Rita Ora beter than ever

She is elegant and extraordinary she usually appears as a sportive but her participation in the biggest festivals in the world “Coachella” she shined amazingly. Afterwards she is now stazing in China where she performed in severals of concerts.

In the “China Music Awards” event she weared a gold color dress of the “Dior” firm and left the red carpet a golden tuch. Rita recenty hasn’t brought us new projects, but in the 2015 she came up with two hits, “Poison” and “Body on me (feat Chris Brown)”

Rita Ora is considered as the most beautiful singer. Even the Croatian media have dedicated an article for the beauty of the Albanian singer. “I can’t believe how complex is her body”- said one of the Croatian media

Even that Rita hasn’t published not a single project lately the British Journal reports that she has already won about 3 million pounds- without publishing of the songs. Her assets in her firm “Ora Multi Services” have been growing from 2 million to 4.4 million pounds, meanwhile “Ora Live Ltd”won about 700£. She also provided income from advertising famus brands like “Adidas” and ”Tezenis”. She also has appeared in the “Fifty shades of Grey” movie and led the “America’s Next Top Model”.

  • What do you think of Rita Ora?
  • Can she make it without publishing new songs?
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Omg here is the latest news about Angelina Jolie

American actress Angelina Jolie already has a new man in her life and she is planning to marry him. Even though she is in the court process for a divorce with Brad Pitt, she has started a relationship with a businessman; witch disturbs her ex-husband a lot. The idea of another man spending time with his kids makes Brad see this as a gross and a disgusting thing. “Brad hasn’t met the ex-wife’s husband and he doesn’t even consider meeting him in the future because he considers him as a connector in his family”-said a source close to his family. Angelina Jolie cheated on Brad Pitt with a married billionaire who she’s dating now”- reports Star. The magazine says Jolie and her “ruggedly handsome” man have been secretly seeing each other for the last six months. Only seven months after the news that the Hollywood couple has decided to break-up, Angelina takes control and thinks for her future. Meanwhile she and Brad continue to dispute for custody of the children. For my opinion i think that Angelina has no idea of what to do with her life i mean, alredy a new husband…

-What do you think about her new man

-Do you think her relationship will last after her last breakup

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Getting you to know my blog better

https://newcity4u.wordpress.com/ My first blog post is about my blog. if you are interested in the new generation of famous people and the newest things that happen all around the world than this is the right place for you. I hope to be very active and post loads of new photos, videos and information for the newest facts. I hope you will enjoy it, so stay tuned!

This time I just want to ask you a question:

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