This is a blog about new stuff like music, showbiz, and a lot of new things coming up…

About me

Hi my name is Ali. I come from Tetovo in Macedonia. I go to the music school and I play the piano. I like listening to music and I like following famous musicians online, and check what stuff they are up to. I like watching a lot of movies (especially Harry Potter) and famous artists. I like sports like football (I’m a fan of Barcelona), basketball, and volleyball. I like subjects like science, history and English(I hate math and biology…) I also like playing loads of games like League of Legends, Lords Mobile, Clash of Clans, Monster Legends, Dragon City and also games like Dancing Line, Geometry Dash, Pokemon Go etc… (so I guess I play a lot of gamesJ). But the thing I love the most is making Musical.ly (it’s an app which allows you to make music as if you’re singing, although you’re just lipsyncingJ). Just to let you know I really hate Donald Trump, so there might be bad posts about him J


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